Save yourself the financial and emotional heartache down the track! Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

It may seem one of the more tedious aspects of buying a property, but pre-purchase inspections can save you considerable expense in the long run, not to mention the stress and hassle post-purchase. The issues that the reports reveal may not always be apparent without professional enquiry. It is important you always use a suitably qualified person to provide the report.

Here we are talking about pest, building and for apartments, a strata report which are carried out before you exchange contracts (or expiry of the cooling-off period.) The reports provide an arms-length and impartial perspective of the property about matters that might not be disclosed to you earlier. It’s all too late once the contract becomes unconditional!


The Building Inspection Report

No dwelling, in any price bracket, is perfect. Wear and tear goes hand-in-hand with property ownership. Every property requires upkeep. A property inspection report will assist you in making an informed decision about the existing condition of the property – and whether to proceed or not. Obtaining a building inspection can help you avoid purchasing a building with major structural issues and should you wish to proceed with the purchase the report will assist you in budgeting for repair costs.


Strata Report

Strata title properties must keep a record of their meeting minutes, budgets, rules, financial records and repairs history. Savvy strata purchasers use this record keeping to gain an insight into just what they might be buying into by obtaining a strata report

  • Are pets allowed?
  • What is the harmony like inside the block?
  • How well run is the owners corporation?
  • Are there issues with noise, water leaks, concrete cancer or a neighbour?
  • Are there sufficient funds to cover for potential works?
  • What matters are disclosed in the strata minutes?

Sometimes the marketing information will not cover these important matters. So what’s the prudent way to peel back the layers and reveal the truth?  Have an expert check the strata records and provide you with a written report!

Save yourself the cost and trauma that purchasers sometimes encounter post settlement by carrying out your pre purchase inspections.

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