“We offer a dedicated and personal approach to the practice of law with timely, competent, cost-effective solutions. Our team is motivated and committed to guide you through major legal decisions.” – Belinda Hume, Practice Manager

our services

We advise individuals and small companies across a broad range of practice areas:

Our legal services utilise alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and collaborative law. We know that respectful negotiation, discussion and round table conferences can achieve speedy and cost-effective results.

We have the benefit of being a long-term member of Best Practice Lawyers, an organisation whose members freely collaborate to assist each other and in turn their clients. We share precedents, practice tips and resources between firms to foster new ideas and to ensure efficiency and quality of services. This collaborative approach ensures Acclaim Legal  is informed, up to date and ready to anticipate our clients’ needs. Acclaim Legal is prepared and able to adapt to an increasingly digital legal environment.

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