State Debt Recovery Orders are issued on behalf of the NSW Government Office of State Revenue.

Commonly referred to as SDRO Enforcement Orders, this is an item of mail that you should not ignore or put into the “too hard basket”. Delaying a response to such an order can have hard and lasting consequences. These include: loss of licence, cancellation of vehicle registration and a community service order.

The SDRO Enforcement Order will issue if you do not pay or finalise your penalty reminder notice or court fine by the due date. Failing to pay such reminder notices or fines will result in you receiving an enforcement order with an additional $65 fee applied.

Below is the sequence of events which will begin if you fail to pay your fine.

Penalty Notice – PAY by due date


Enforcement Order

  • PAY the fine

Other paths available include:

  • Dispute the fine
  • Request Work & Development Order
  • Request a postponement of enforcement order


Enforcement Action

  • Drivers licence suspension,
  • Vehicle registration suspension
  • Customer business restrictions with RMS


Civil Sanctions

  • Includes property seizure
  • Garnishee order on employer or bank
  • Examination summons & charges on land


Community Service Order

  • You will be required to do unpaid work to the value of unpaid fines


Ignoring an SDRO Enforcement Order is not an option.

While failure to pay an SDRO Enforcement Order does not lead to prison, the effect of some of your other actions may. For instance, if your Driver Licence is suspended and you continue to drive, this is a criminal offence which may result in imprisonment.

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