The Mediation Process

Mediation is a voluntary and cooperative process requiring goodwill and flexibility from the parties. Both parties must agree to mediation and seek to reach a workable agreement to settle the dispute to their mutual satisfaction.

Mediation is a flexible process in which your mediator helps the parties to draw up the rules for the process and decide how the mediation will be conducted. The parties remain in control of both the procedure and the result as mediation is designed to specifically meet their needs and allows them to reach a solution acceptable to them.

Over and above conflict resolution, mediation aims to re-establish appropriate communication between the parties and thereby prevent future conflict. Mediation is conducted in private, in confidence, and in an informal setting conducive to open and frank communication. Once agreement has been reached, your mediator will help in the drafting of terms.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation will offer you a timely, cost-effective alternative to the court process, whether your dispute relates to:

  • family law (property or children)
  • workplace & industrial disputes
  • deceased estates
  • business or partnership
  • relationship breakdown
  • commercial litigation
  • leasing
  • your neighbour

As your mediator, Michael Hume places great importance on understanding your position, insightful analysis of the issues and appropriate briefing to brainstorm all settlement options. Michael Hume’s sensitive outline of the process will give you the confidence to navigate the challenges of the process and outcome.

Why choose Michael Hume?

Michael Hume has practised in all courts for over 30 years as a skilled and robust solicitor, advocate, and the Principal of Sydney-based Lawyers & Mediators, Acclaim Legal.

As your mediator, Michael Hume has a wealth of experience not just at the litigation coalface but in dealing with people who have real, everyday problems that require practical, common-sense solutions.

Michael Hume is aware of the cost pressures and stress of the litigation process. Michael Hume’s Best Practice-aligned and highly acclaimed legal practice has a strong focus on cost effective, outcome-driven, innovative legal services.

Michael congratulates you for reading this article: you have already made progress by considering mediation.  We now invite you to call or email to discuss your needs.


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