Whether your dispute relates to family law/relationship breakdown, commercial litigation, your neighbour, workplace disputes, deceased estates or partnerships, mediation will offer you a timely, cost-effective alternative to the court process.
Mediation is a flexible process in which the parties draw up the process and decide how the mediation will be conducted. In the dispute resolution process, the parties remain in control of both the procedure and the result as mediation is designed to specifically meet their needs and allows them to reach a solution acceptable to them. Mediation is neither counselling nor arbitration. The mediator does not give legal advice and will not tell you what to do.

Over and above dispute resolution, mediation aims to re-establish appropriate communication between the parties and thereby prevent future conflict. By choosing to mediate, you will have more influence on the final outcome.

Mediation is conducted in private, in confidence, and in an informal setting conducive to open and frank communication. In family law and relationship breakdown matters, typically communication between the parties is not strong. In such circumstances the intuitive and empathetic skills of the mediator as the independent third party are paramount to a constructive negotiation.

With over 20 years’ experience as a mediator, Michael brings highly developed communication and analytical skills to facilitate a resolution of your dispute. As your mediator, Michael Hume:
• is neutral and unbiased,
• will give you the confidence to navigate the challenges of the process and outcome, and
• will be a bridge-builder between you and the other party.

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