Acclaim Legal recognises that Family Law proceedings are stressful for all parties involved. If you need a family lawyer it is because of a crisis in your life. A relationship breakdown is almost always a cause of stress. The end of a personal relationship can be the beginning of unfamiliar emotional feelings, financial changes and legal processes. Through our non-adversarial approach in Collaborative practice and constructive engagement you can find, tailor and produce an outcome that will work better for you and your family after a separation.

family law

We can help you with various aspects of Family Law, including:

  • mediation to assist in resolving conflict or to avoid costly court proceedings
  • divorce
  • property settlements following the breakdown of a relationship
  • custody of children and contact arrangements.


Acclaim Legal is mindful that Family Law matters have the potential to be very costly and we endeavour to reach resolution without lengthy court proceedings. We will offer advice to you about the advantages of the Collaborative setting which involves you, your former partner and each solicitor committing to resolve all the legal issues arising from the relationship breakdown without going to court.

The Collaborative Law Process is about cooperation, not confrontation. It is problem solving: the parties try to understand each others positions. The solicitors and their clients are responsible for gathering information, generating options and finding solutions that are acceptable to both parties.

Michael Hume has practiced in the Collaborative setting since 2008 and serves on the board of Collaborative Practitioners NSW.

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