probate, estate planning

Following the death of a loved one, Acclaim Legal appreciates it is a difficult time for all. We offer you the comfort of years of experience in handling estates and probate. Acclaim Legal guarantees your matter will proceed without delay and you will be kept fully informed at all stages.

As an executor you have many responsibilities in managing the estate, from funeral arrangements to paying debts and distributing assets. If you are the executor or administrator of a Will we will guide you through the process efficiently, without stress and anxiety.

In reality a number of Deceased Estates lead to disputes, and some end up in Court. The main reasons for disagreements and legal consideration rising are:

  •           Was the last Will a legally valid Will?
  •           Has an “eligible person” come forward seeking a claim on the estate?
  •           Has there been unacceptable delay by the executor or administrator of the estate?

Whether you are an executor of a Will or administrator of an estate, or an “eligible person” seeking to make a claim against an estate, Acclaim Legal will provide quality legal advice.

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