Estate Planning - willsAcclaim Legal recognises the importance of a properly drawn and updated Will. With strict rules about interpreting, signing and witnessing Wills we make the process simple. Our team can help you make informed decisions regarding your assets and the management of all your estate planning needs. We also offer advice as to whether a testamentary trust Will would be appropriate for you.

Whilst a Will looks after your affairs on death it is also important to consider what happens now if you should become incapacitated or travel overseas. A Power of Attorney gives another person authority to act on your behalf while you are still alive.

A Guardianship document is different to a Power of Attorney in that it addresses matters relating to lifestyle as distinct from money and assets. Your enduring guardian for example can make decisions about where you live, what health care you should receive and can consent to the carrying out of medical or dental treatment.

An Advance Care Directive is drawn to specify what medical treatment you would like in specific circumstances before you die, when you are no longer able to communicate effectively. Acclaim Legal will happily assist in the drafting of this document.

Acclaim Legal will guide you through the requirements of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship appointments and Advance Care Directives to meet your estate planning needs and secure your peace of mind.

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