Michael HumeMichael Hume is a qualified and experienced Collaborative lawyer. Michael supports this new, unique process to resolve family law/relationship breakdown issues without involving the court.

The Collaborative Process offers a cost-effective and dignified approach to resolving the issues that arise out of relationship breakdown where the client and Acclaim Legal work with the other side to find a fair solution to whatever financial or child-related issues need to be addressed. At the outset each party and their lawyer sign an agreement to work together in reaching a settlement without the cost, stress and distraction of court proceedings. The process requires co-operation and open disclosure to reach early resolution.

A collaborative approach also benefits from the co-operation and expertise of a range of professionals involved in helping families. Clients have access to the skills of child specialists, counsellors, accountants and financial advisers who can bring their expertise to the process when necessary, freeing up the lawyers to concentrate on helping you in the negotiations and focus upon shaping a fair settlement.

Collaborative law has been practised in the USA and Canada since the early 1990s and more recently in UK, Ireland and Wales. It is now recognised as a successful means of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Michael Hume completed his training in the Collaborative Law Process in 2008 and is actively involved in developing his knowledge in the area as well as building a network of collaborative lawyers. He is a leader in the field, currently sitting on the Executive of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc.

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