Burwood Court: Your Local Lawyer

Have you been charged with an offence that is to come before Burwood Court? To protect your interests, choose a solicitor that has local knowledge who is familiar with the court at which your matter is going to heard. Call our team to seek advice. We are ready to assist.

Acclaim Legal will provide you with robust representation for your Burwood Court matter. Your Acclaim Legal solicitor will fearlessly protect your interests to ensure your matter is dealt with competently. As the saying goes, it helps to know the lie of the land. We will thoroughly prepare your matter for court – not a stone unturned!

Burwood Court is a busy courthouse with regular days set aside for specific matters. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the list days for Traffic, Assault and Police Apprehended Violence Offence (AVO) matters; Wednesdays are set aside for the more serious offences, while Fridays are for hearings and private AVO matters. Our solicitors attend Burwood court on all charges, including drink driving and other traffic matters, AVOs, assault, drug charges (possession and/or supply), murder and manslaughter charges, and bail applications.

Call 9744 0722 to let us give you the peace of mind in having a skilful advocate advance your interests at Burwood Court.